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The Rise of Delilah – Meagan Dux


Published / April 28th, 2017
ISBN /9780648043232
Available to purchase in paperback/ Booktopia, Book Depository
E-book/ amazonkindle, kobo

Goodreads Description:

21-year-old Perth native Delilah Walker has the world at her feet, a loving family, and a devoted boyfriend, but she is missing one thing; her father.

Delilah goes on an unstoppable journey to find him, but soon realises that finding him comes at a cost, and now she must decide if she is willing to pay the ultimate price to locate the person she needs more than anything.

My Thoughts: 

I’d firstly like to thank Meagan for sending me an arc of The Rise of Delilah to read and review.

This review for the most part is spoiler free however I have included a small spoiler-y section at the bottom, so avoid that if you don’t want spoilers! I’d also like to note Meagan and I are hosting a giveaway for a signed copy on both of our Instagram accounts: @bloomandbooks and @authormeagandux ,so make sure you check the GA post out (giveaway ends May 6th).

The Rise of Delilah is told in Delilah’s first person POV as she goes through many trials and tribulations on the journey of finding her father and where she belongs in the world. Delilah has a pretty full on family, she’s got a mother, two sisters and two brothers, all of whom are pretty successful in life and have a clear path of what they want. Delilah on the other hand is feeling lost with where her life is going, but what she has always known is that music is in her blood. When she didn’t have anything else she had her music.

“Music was my relief. It got me through everything. No matter how I was feeling, there was a song to describe it. When words failed, music spoke.”

As well as her music Delilah also has Cam, her long term boyfriend who has always supported her. But as Delilah begins to suffer from nightmares; where memories of her father leaving her as a child begin to haunt her, she realises she needs to find him. She needs answers. Why did he leave? Does he still love her? Would he want to have relationship with his children? These are all questions Delilah realises she needs answered, regardless of what anyone else thinks and she isn’t going to stop until she finds him.

Delilah is a courages and strong willed woman who I was rooting for throughout the novel. There is also an array of colourful side characters, who deserve an honourable mention! A couple of my favourites was her adorable younger sister Darci who was such a fire cracker. Her scenes were some of my favourites. Then there is also Ryan, who is assisting Delilah in the search for her dad and the only person who is there for her every step of the way, when everyone else wants her to turn back or talk her out of her search.

Overall The Rise of Delilah is a slow burn kind of read, as it documents her day to day life, as she pursues her career in music, tries to balance her family and her relationship with Cam, all while searching for her father; the one person who holds the key to her being able to finally move on with her life and let go of her haunting nightmares.

Favourite Quotes: 

“Whether we like it or not, life has a plan for us. We can’t control that. And whether we’re ready for it or not, it’ll happen. You can either run with it or run from it. That my love, you can control. Just remember, every setback is a set up for something better. Chase your dreams. You’ve got an incredible talent.”

“Fear is scary, but regret is worse, so don’t let that stop you.”

My overall rating for The Rise of Delilah by Meagan Dux is: 



When a novel involves content that is potentially triggering for its readers I do feel as though I should include a warning in my reviews. Therefore it is important to mention that mental health issues are represented in this novel towards the end, when one character has a particularly rough time, turning to pills and alcohol to try and numb the pain, which could be triggering for the reader.

Until next time, happy reading!


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